There is little in writing about Amissville's history and the information on thish page was obtained from an article written by Mr. Silvey and some information from the Rappahannock County Historical Society.

Amissville, located on Route 211 about halfway between Warrenton and Washington, VA, was first settled by French Hugenots and English. In about 1763, Lord Fairfax granted tracts of land to Joseph Bayse and Joseph Amiss. Joseph Amiss distributed his land among his four sons, William, Gabriel, Philip and Thomas. The Amissville post office was established on October 2, 1810, with the first postmaster Thomas Amiss. The area was still largely inhabited by the Amiss and the Bayse families, and both families wanted the town to be named in their own honor. An election was held, and by a one vote margin it became Amissville and not Bayseville.

In 1833, Amissville became part of Rappahannock County. At that time the village consisted of a store, a schoolhouse and probably a blacksmith shop and a Methodist church. 


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One historic marker located on Route 211 east of Amissville



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