When you turn off of Route 29 in Warrenton onto 211 West, magic begins.  You leave the bustle of traffic and traffic lights and fast food restaurants and service stations and suddenly are faced with a welcome pastoral scene:  a lightly traveled four-lane highway running between lush pasture fenced for horses or cattle, beautifully tended Fauquier County farms, ponds, trees, and straight ahead, as you reach the crests of the rolling hills--the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.  You cross the Rappahannock River and enter Culpeper County, ride through it for a few miles and then arrive in Rappahannock County. 

First view of Amissville traveling west on Route 211The first place of interest in Rappahannock County is Amissville, a village which is merely a blur for most folks making their way along Route 211 on their way to Skyline Drive.  "Oh!--What did that sign say?"  And on they travel, off to see the fall foliage, or to hike the Appalachian Trail, or to climb Old Rag--all of the many activities that bring folks to this beautiful area.

This village of Amissville may not look like much, but there's a lot of history here, and many wonderful places to explore.  Stop in at Hackley's Store, check out their great lunches, set a spell on the porch, and meet some of the folks here in Amissville, VA.  You're sure to like it here, and you'll definitely want to return!


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